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Abrazame - first brand, offering Cashllama in Russia

Llamas have always been a talisman-animal. For thousands of years they have roamed throughout the Andean Plateau and were once considered, in pagan religions, sacred animals.  Even today, these domesticated animals are used for carrying goods, procreation and of course for their high quality wool.  

Bolivia has more than 2.2 million Llamas, the largest Llama population in the world. Because llama fibers are coarse (up to 90 microns), industrialization has been slow and have not been used extensively for clothing.

Thanks to the technological and innovative ¨Know-How¨ for dehairing Llama fiber, our partner in La Paz can obtain the finest and softest fibers of 20 microns, even finer than Baby Alpaca product thought a deharing process ©Llamasoft, and now is the only dehairing Llama Fibres Company in the world. We call this fiber ¨Cashllama¨ or also known as the ¨Cashmere of The Andes¨


Our talented knitters create nothing less than true art with every garment. Hand knitting is part of the rich Bolivian textile tradition and we are proud to help preserve native culture of this exotic and unique country. Buying sweater "Abrazame" you make it with us, you support the social adaptation and give a work to local habitants of Los Andes.


Llama fiber is warm, light, and long-lasting. It is soft to the touch and does not shed, it is naturally glossy and exists in an array of 14 natural colors: from Pure White to Intense Black. It is absolutely hypoallergenic and non-flammable, absorbs little humidity, and is thermally insulating, elastic and strong. Fiber is harvested with minimum effects on the environment or the animal itself.

We combine the latest technology in knitting machines with the natural skill of talented Bolivian craftsmen. Each garment is knitted under the vigilant eyes of our engineers. Once machine knitting is completed, the stitching, finishing, ironing and packing is all done by hand. To guarantee perfection, every item goes through five steps of quality control before being shipped.